• What is Sacred Space?

      There is a Sacred Space within us wherever we go. When we consciously create the space we live in, like we create our lives, we tap into the power of sacredness in our lives. When we tap into the power of sacredness we change the message we are broadcasting to the Universe and we draw to us what we want, not what we fear. We feel healthier, more vibrant, more youthful, and other people start to notice the GLOW around us.

    • Awaken. Heal. Transform at Sacred Space NY.

Sacred Space NY Wellness

About Team Sacred Space NY Healers

Our healers will help you achieve total mind-body wellness.

Fern Langham

Registered Yoga Teacher passionate for helping you discover the link between your mind, body and breath.

Jeffrey Lyon

Certified Nuad Thai Yoga practitioner and professional dancer specializing in oriental acupressure and yogic stretches aimed at re-aligning the body.

Sylvie Barthelemy

Ayurvedic wellness expert and licensed massage therapist certified in all levels of Thai massage with the Lotus Palm School of Montreal.

Kevon Simpson

Guided Meditation teacher and Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. Helping you unlock the peaceful warrior within.

Brad Teasdale

Licensed massage therapist and co-founder of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Guild.

Client Testimonials

  • I had the most incredible Ayurvedic Massage recently from Brad Teasdale. He is teaching an Ayurvedic Training and can be booked thru the wellness service Sacred Space.

    Rachel P. Goldstein
    President, Agent of Change Network
  • I loved my deep tissue Signature Massage. I've had many of this type of massages over the years and I would rate this as excellent. I felt fabulous afterwards.

    Susan Grant
    Designer, New York City
  • I loved my meditation session at Sacred Space NY, I went to work afterwards and felt incredibly peaceful and efficient. My head was clear and it was easier to focus. I can not wait to keep following the practice!

    Clémence von Mueffling
    Founder and Editor, Beauty and Wellbeing

Our News

Lifestyle enhancing tips on inner beauty and wellbeing

The Mind Body Balance led by Cory Muscara (recently featured on Dr. Oz)

In this four-week introductory course you will learn how to apply the art and practice of mindfulness in your every day life to help reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing and happiness. The course will cover several different meditation practices that you can incorporate at home or in the office to help you achieve the perfect mind-body balance. Participants will receive guided meditation discs, as well as readings and activities to help elicit the qualities of mindfulness.

Four week introductory workshop

Price = $395

Private Skype sessions available upon request

To book a session email: concierge@sacredspaceny.com

As a Physique 57 member you receive a 15% discount. Use code Physique.

Sacred Space NY Serenity Mala Bracelet

Cherish your inner most vision and all that you hold dear with our new serenity mala bracelet designed by the beautiful Celeste from Jaimalarose. Purchase yours at the Yelo store.

The Ultimate Urban Detox Solution

Sacred Space NY offers a time and place to step away from all the overwhelming elements that one is constantly inundated with in our fast paced modern worlds.

By pairing a Sacred Space NY session in our ‘’miles away wellness pod’’ and a Pursoma take home detox beauty treatment, one can have a truly internal re-set on their energy both mental and physical.

Sacred Space NY located @Yelo
5 East 57th street
(between 5th and Madison Ave),
12th floor
New York, NY 10022
212 245 8235

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