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About Team Sacred Space NY Healers

Our healers will help you achieve total mind-body wellness.

Fern Langham

Registered Yoga Teacher passionate for helping you discover the link between your mind, body and breath.

Sarah Anne Stewart

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in nutritional bio individuality and Reiki inspiring a journey towards self-empowerment.

Brad Teasdale

Co-founder of the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Guild and pioneer of this ancient Ayurvedic tradition.

Sylvie Barthelemy

Ayurvedic wellness expert and licensed massage therapist certified in all levels of Thai massage with the Lotus Palm School of Montreal.

Client Testimonials

  • I had the most incredible Ayurvedic Massage recently from Brad Teasdale. He is teaching an Ayurvedic Training and can be booked thru the wellness service Sacred Space.

    Rachel P. Goldstein
    President, Agent of Change Network
  • I loved my deep tissue Signature Massage. I've had many of this type of massages over the years and I would rate this as excellent. I felt fabulous afterwards.

    Susan Grant
    Designer, New York City

Our Blog

Lifestyle enhancing tips on inner beauty and wellbeing

The art of slowing down
Launching our Zen inspired Healing Pod at Yelo
Introducing our Space Glow Cleanse Program

The art of slowing down

We've been hearing a lot of talk in the media that 2014 is the year for slowing down with media journalists noting that the hot trend amongst executives is a basic mindfulness practice. The reality is that taking time out within the work day to help establish space within for greater awareness and attunement, can pay dividends in the

work place making you a better decision maker, more resilient and more alert all things that lead to increased productivity in the work place. At Sacred Space NY, we are ready to serve all employees who are comitted to a discovering a new wellness paradigm in their lives.

Launching our zen inspired Healing Pod at Yelo

Sacred Space NY has partnered with Yelo Spa to offer guided mediation, and restorative yoga therapy in a unique Zen inspired "Healing Pod"™ right in the heart of New York City.

Come in and experience our Seva-inspired bodywork in a unique healing environment with calming ambient music and aromatherapy-infused treatments to help restore balance.

Introducing our Space Glow Spring Cleanse Program

Vibrant health is achieved by balancing diet, exercise, lifestyle. At Sacred Space NY we are offering a unique signature package that combines restorative yoga, meditation, breath work, reiki and whole-body nutrition to help you synergistically create a holistic approach to your total health.

The package includes 5 individual 60-minute yoga and meditation sessions with Fern, a certified Yoga Instructor. Fern's nurturing touch, and optional aromatherapy facilitates a deep release in the connective tissue and calms the nervous system. As you sink into a deep healing state, using supported postures on bolsters and blankets, you will uncover your natural clarity, right action, and peace of mind. The relaxation response triggered through consistent yoga sessions with Fern will bring about profound transformation by deepening your breathing, reducing stress hormones, slowing your heart rate, decreasing blood pressure, relaxing your muscles, improving your digestion, and relieving fatigue, anxiety and insomnia without medication.

The package also includes 5 individual 60-minute whole-body nutrition consultations with Sarah Anne Stewart, Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP). These one-on-one sessions provide individualized assessment and personalized planning based on the concept of bio-individuality and includes a three day juice cleanse program to shine your skin and get you feeling fit and ready for Spring. Each session is closed with a Reiki session to help integrate this new-found awareness.

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